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 The route to real estate was an unconventional one for Caroline Collins, and each experience along the way would one day contribute to her distinct brand of expertise.Anative of England,she moved to Canada to pursue the wide-open spaces, while cultivating her career in the field of medicine. While practicing in hematology, Caroline applied a detailoriented eye and incisive problem-solving skills to develop important industry advances. When she and her then husband moved to Southern California, she turned her attention to her love of horses, studying at Colorado State to learn the intricacies of breeding and equine health.

Ultimately, Caroline made the transition to real estate 31 years ago in her adoptive hometown of Temecula. Her early experience included work alongside leading builders as a land acquisitions broker, a specialty she was drawn to for its complexity and unpredictability. Since the start of her career, Caroline has honed her skills in a variety of offices and settings, and she now serves as the Broker and Owner of Temecula Homes and Land.

Primarily serving the greater Temecula region, Caroline leads a team of six and fields her own clients, as well. With more than half of her business generated by repeat and referral clientele, Caroline has carved out a reputation for forthrightness, personal service, and thorough attention to detail. Considering her professional philosophy, Caroline cites integrity as the foremost driver of her success to date, emphasizing that clients value honest, even-handed counsel when it comesto the investment of a lifetime. “I get to know my clients quite well. I always disclose, disclose, disclose. Being fair and honest with people can’t be beat,” she says. “If there’s a problem with a transaction, whatever it may be, I find out everything I can, do the work, and am upfront from the beginning.” What’s more, Caroline relishes the time spent getting to know clients and learning their stories — all the better to serve them in a more personalized capacity. “What I enjoy most about what I do is getting involved and taking care of people’s needs,” she reflects.

 “It’sjustso much fun when people are happy with their real estate transaction, and we celebrate by having them up to our ranch for a barbecue. Real estate is a people service business, and REALTORS® should never forget that.” 

 In fact, Caroline’s ranch is the ultimate evidence of her professional ethos and love of the Temecula area. In addition to offering an arena, training facility, and a big deck for celebrations, Caroline often invites clientele up for an afternoon of barbecuing and hospitality. Of course, there’s a tremendous amount of diligence, responsibility, and know-how required to manage a ranch, but Caroline is always up for a challenge — an attitude that applies to her role as Broker and Owner, as well. “What sets me apart is being real and doing the work,” she says. “At the end of the day, clients are happy with me because they know they can trust me to take care of their best interests.”

To market her listings, Caroline applies the same proactive approach. She ensures that premium photography accompanies each listing, including drone photography where appropriate — especially for land and ranch photos. She has also cultivated the highly visible and valuable domain for years. Accordingly, Caroline understands that marketing in this modern age occurs online, and takes care to ensure that each property or parcel of land receives ultimate digital exposure. 

To extend her spirit of service both locally and globally, Caroline makes it a point to give back through her church, Rancho Community Church in Temecula. Years ago, she and her husband Marty — her partner in everything she does — ventured on a life-changing mission trip to the island of Nias in Indonesia, following a devastating tsunami and earthquake, an experience she describes as humbling in the extreme. Though she’s happiest when working, Caroline devotes her free hours to managing and caring for her horse boarding ranch, loving and caring for all the animals — including two dogs, three cats, nine hens and a duck named “Jemimah Puddleduck.” 

As for the future of Temecula Homes and Land, Caroline plans to continue her enterprise’s steady growth. She hopes to add additional agents to her talent roster, and continue on in her mission to share the beauty of the lovely city of Temecula and the surrounding valleys with new homeowners.Withmore than three decades ofseasoned experience behind her, as well as an abiding commitment to people-first service, the best is assuredly still to come for Caroline Collins and her team at Temecula Homes and Land.