Caroline Collins Testimonials

Testimonial from Charles Kelly Olsen and Rebecca Olsen:

"Caroline is a fun person. She has a great sense of humor, The British accent was an added delight. Even during the most difficult problems she kept a cool head. She has a strong personality, but never caustic or abrasive. We got along well early on. I would not hesitate to use her services again or recommend her to others.

Her husband Marty was always helpful too. Marty is just a great guy!"

Charles Kelly Olsen, 5001 W. Florida Ave, Space 254, Hemet, California,  June 2022


"I would highly recommend Caroline Collins and her husband, Marty who went above and beyond to help me as a resident of Colorado, sell my mothers home in California. As my mothers Trustee after her death, I was not familiar with California Real Estate Law and California closings, complicated by the property I was trying to sell was involved in a trust. I had many improvements I had to make to the property and with Caroline's knowledge of local contractors I was able to make all repairs from afar before listing the property. Amid the Covid-19 restrictions it was a miracle I was able to complete the property sale from another state because travel was not an option during the epidemic. Caroline's years of experience helped me sell the property and she always kept me informed. At closing the buyer's agent was not professional and Caroline was able to correct the buyers agent's actions quickly because of her experience and knowledge. Caroline always looked out for my best interest with integrity and professionalism. Her years of experience were priceless to me. I will always be grateful to Caroline and Marty. If i could give them 10 stars I would. They are wonderful people who care and go the extra mile for their clients. Amazing!! **********"

155 Animosa Dr, Durango, CO 8130 

Paula Berg, Successor Trustee, Paradise Palm Ave, Homeland, September 2020


"Our Broker was on top of everything from the start and worked hard to make everything run smoothly and looked out for our  best interests.

Caroline went over and above all the way through the transaction.

Wouldn't use anyone else for all our real estate needs. Top of her class."


Steve and Lorraine Klein April 16, 2020 

Tiffany Lane, Hemet 




$240,000 Sold on 29 Aug 2019
Single Family
40393 Clark Dr, East Hemet, CA, 92544
2/ 2 1222 sq. ft.

Overall Satisfaction 5 STARS!
Seller Review - Recommended by Kadene at "Rate my agent"

                                                        Together we can do this!

Caroline is extremely knowledgeable in the real estate field. She is very willing to help you in any way you need. Any concerns you might have need only to be brought to her attention and she will explain and/or offer suggestions to put you at ease. She brought this home to me six years ago and it left a positive memory so when it was time to sell I contacted her. My situation was unique because my husband was unable to sign the paperwork. She investigated the proper way to handle this, and walked me through every step of the way. Everything will be done correctly when you listen to her. She knows good people who provide services like landscaping, cleaning and handyman. She was always there for me, always kind, always patient and trustworthy. She has very high integrity and a really caring spirit. She knows what sells a house and knows how to find the house exactly right for YOU to call home. She offers guidance but respects that you are the one who makes the decisions. You are never alone throughout the entire process. The sale of this house went wonderfully, but only because of Caroline. I was very blessed to have Caroline guide me through this sometimes overwhelming process. Her honesty and kindness have made a powerful impact on my life.

 Kadene Ferguson, August 2019


 Dear Caroline,

 I would like to say thank you for being the most incredible, outrageously knowledgeable, super business person who had the answers to my questions and even gave extra info. than most Realtors I have ever dealt with. There should be an award such as the Oscar for people like yourself! You go above and beyond and know how to make your client comfortable with the entire real estate process from beginning to end. I will miss you and Marty. Thanks is not enough. I wish I could let all those who wish to sell their homes know how fabulous a time and stress free your services are. My most sincere thanks. I wish I could be more elaborate in letting everyone know the experience they are missing by not listing their property with you.   Margarita.

Margarita and Dave Hedenz.  June 2019.


Seller Survey : Temecula Homes and Land
Date: 23-May-2019
Agent: Caroline Collins
Seller: Sherry Jones
Property: 20 acres land Pala Rd. Temecula
Satisfaction: 98%
Recommendation: 100%
Performance: 100%
Demographics: How long did it take for the client to sell the property?       Longer than twelve weeks.
Printed on: May 23, 2019, 11:33 pm
Sales Campaign Planning                                                                Excellent
Negotiations with prospective buyers                                               Good 

Value for Money                                                                               Good

Sales Result                                                                                       Excellent      
The Closing                                                                                       Excellent  
The handling of deposit money/escrow                                            Excellent

The Agent : Performance Ratings

Polite                                                                                                  Excellent
Understanding                                                                                  Excellent
Friendly                                                                                             Excellent
Patient                                                                                               Excellent
Knowledgeable                                                                                 Excellent 
Helpful                                                                                              Excellent
Trustworthy                                                                                      Excellent
Professional                                                                                       Excellent
Timely communications                                                                   Excellent
Clear communications                                                                    Excellent
Accessible                                                                                         Excellent

Respectful                                                                                         Excellent

Approachable                                                                                   Excellent
Overall Satisfaction                                                                         Excellent
Overall satisfaction regarding the Sale                                          Excellent
Would use Broker's services again                                                    Strongly Agree
Would use Agent's services again                                                      Strongly Agree
Would recommend Broker to family and friends                            Strongly Agree
Would recommend Agent to family and friends                              Strongly Agree
Printed on: May 23, 2019, 11:33 pm

Seller: Sherry Jones.    Property type: 20 acres of raw land.



Most people don’t generally know their Realtor well, or on a personal basis…but my case was a little different. 27 Years ago, I had worked with Caroline Collins as her loan officer doing mortgages for her clients. That was ended by a nasty car accident, in which I, not seeing the side of a narrow roadway due to 6 foot high grass in a high rain year had neither shoulder nor guard rail, so that when I lost control of my car, I ended up in a deep drainage ditch at 45 mph…and completely out of sight. That was 1995, my cell phone was gigantic, and luckily within my grasp, as I had violently hit the steering wheel with my face, and also acquired a crack-the-whip hangman’s fracture of the neck. The nice firemen cut me out of my car several hours later.

Fast forward to January 2019. I survived, and recovered, and when I wanted to sell, I knew who to trust to move me out of my house in Anza, a very country kind of place. Selling the house was easy…it was the fixing of everything that was hard.  Clearing out the house to get it painted inside and out with me still disabled, lots of things needing repaired; the house recarpeted, the roof fixed, the missing electric safety panel literally carved out of a larger electric cover by Caroline’s talented husband and Realtor Partner Marty Collins; the insulation and underbelly of the house replaced from a botched job in 2017 by a terrible Contractor, and the termite damage caused by that botched job to keep moisture away from the frame of the house caused it to be Tented for the resulting termites.  

Then the house was scrubbed up for the new owners, all nearly within the original 6 week escrow…which in Anza, being 45 minutes from Temecula, Hemet and Palm Springs, calls for miracles due to lack of Contractors. And where Contractors were not required but repairs were, Marty magically figured out how to get everything working properly, to pass all the certifications and inspections for an FHA loan, with Caroline pitching in every step of the way like a surgical nurse to a surgeon.

Caroline and Marty knew the people, or found them, and the work got done. I moved out on the original schedule to allow the tenting to be done, and we closed only 5 days late. It was not an easy escrow, although the sale and financing were…and yet it all got done, because Caroline and Marty Collins made it happen. 

Suzanne Forrest Anderson, Anza, April 2019




From my experience of being in business and receiving service from vendors and personal professional service, in my 60+ years, I have never met a professional with more moral integrity than Caroline Collins.  In buying or selling, when you have a devoted agent to their profession and is morally correct, such as Temecula Homes and Land, i.e. Caroline, you have been BLESSED.  Thank You  Caroline & Marty, (We will always hold you in great respect.)  Richard & Fusa

 Dr. Richard Blanchard, Hemet, August 2018



Caroline did a great job for us. We had a 1974 manufactured home on it's own lot that had been on the market for 5 months without an offer. Switching to Caroline we received an offer and were able to sell the home. Caroline has many connections and was able to move us through the selling and escrow process trouble free. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering selling their home. She is honest, friendly and very competent.

Daniel Burgum, Trustee, Seven Hills Senior Community, Hemet, August 2018 



 Caroline Collins is incredibly knowledgeable about all things Real Estate. She and her husband Marty were so helpful and went way above the call of duty, even coming over on a Saturday to help us with some home repairs for the sale of my house!

When I purchased a home five years ago with Caroline as my agent, they loaned me tools for home improvements, and taught me how to use them! They are a delight to work with and have a very helpful perspective. I'm not one to want a Realtor who just tells me, "this is great house" to every house I look at. I'm so grateful for Caroline's expert knowledge and experience. She has access to all kinds of resources... if you need to know a company that does home repairs of any type, she can probably point you to a good one, and tell you stories about their work.

If you need a Realtor, do yourself a huge favor by having Caroline on your team for buying or selling your home.

 Daniel Osborne, Seller, Menifee Lakes, July 2018


 Caroline Collins is by far the most professional agent who wants only the best for her clients. She tactfully reigns one in when client tries to go overboard. Her knowledge and use of any leverage for the benefit of her client is masterful. She gives 110% to any deal she is working and does not rattle easily.  Caroline is the kind of professional you want working for your interests. She gets the very best deal for her clients and keeps the client informed constantly thru' the whole process. You cannot choose a better Realtor to handle your sale or purchase. On a scale of 1 to 10, she gets an 11.

"It has been my pleasure to meet and work with an honest and extremely patient and knowledgeable professional. I am the lucky one for choosing you. YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank You!"   Dan

Daniel Klepach, Ensueno Court, Hemet 

June 2017 



 "Over and Above" doesn't get close to what Caroline has done for us. We had one of the most challenging properties to sell because of acreage, manufactured home, solar and NO COMPS! She got it sold after sticking with it and showing it at least 40 times until she found the right buyer for us. Caroline is the most detail oriented person I have worked with which gave my wife and myself peace of mind knowing everything was done correctly. THANKS Caroline!!"

Andy Ooms, Owner of Responsible Solar
34395 Oriole Cir, Hemet, CA 92544

May 2017 



"I contacted Caroline without knowing anything about her or her company and WOW am I glad I did! I am a 28 year old and I have never bought a house or knew anything about the process, but her expertise and experience was a recipe for the best buying experience I could have ever asked for. She displays the utmost in professionalism and has so much knowledge in real estate that it is impressive. She helped my fiance and I find the perfect house we have been looking for and wanting! We are so blessed to have come in contact with her and to have her services as a Realtor. I highly recommend her and her services for any real estate transaction and plan on having her or her company help us with anything in the future. We are so happy to be first time home owners and felt no stress because of Caroline! Thank you Caroline for everything you did for us!"

33858 Plowshare Rd, Wildomar, CA 92595

April 2017 





 We bought the house on 36411 Erica Court as a primary residence at a time when there was a housing boom.We even did not have to pay a down payment - and that turned out to be a financial disaster.The ensuing recession and hard luck put us in financial bind at age 77 years. We had to do a short sale and climb out of this distress. Most of the feed-back and advise on what and how to face this financial dilemma was cleverly and diligently engineered by Mrs.Caroline Collins. We totally put matters into her hands and we were rewarded . The house sold for a good price and we were able to re-coop much of our shame and dignity. I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Collins for any real estate transaction.She is trustworthy and efficient to a detail.

William and Marilyn  Joseph, Winchester, California 2016



Caroline Collins was an awesome agent to work with. She is very knowledgable and worked constantly to get my house sold. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone I met. She knows her stuff and you won't be disappointed.

Keith Jackson, San Marcos, California, November 2015


Caroline is the best of the best!  We have worked with Caroline on two home sales and one home purchase.  She works quickly, and is very knowledgable and always takes the time to answer any and all questions we have.  Caroline has decades of experience, and many credentials.  I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone buying or selling a house!


 Kevin & Vanessa Jones, Hemet, April 28th., 2015


 Caroline Collins of Temecula Homes & Land is simply the Best!!  She helped me find the perfect home in the French Valley of Winchester.  I've known Caroline for about 12 years.  She is the most honest person and very savvy about real estate. So when it came time for me to purchase another home I knew Caroline was the person to call.
I am so glad I did.  Throughout the whole process she was amazing.  At my request she directed me to a good Mortgage Broker, we got a pre-approval pronto an went house shopping.  We found the perfect home in about a week, we put in an offer and closed in 3 weeks.  All her recommendations were spot on, from the Mortgage Broker to the Home Inspector, great people to work with and I can tell they have great respect for Caroline as well.  She made the whole house buying experience enjoyable and as easy as it gets.
I Highly recommend Caroline Collins if you need any help with Real Estate. She knows how to get the job done and done right.  This Real Estate transaction was the easiest I have ever done, she is the Best!
Thank you Caroline!!!

Melissa and Jim Spilman, Temecula, April 2015 



 I would happily recommend you to anyone. It was really a pleasure working with you, and I can’t thank you enough for making the whole process so smooth and pleasant. What a 180 degree shift from that other Realtor we reached out to first! 

I hope we have a chance to work together again. 

Name withheld for privacy. January 2015



 It was wonderful to meet Caroline Collins of Temecula Homes and Land. My family, looking for 2 homes in the Hemet area (55 and older community). Caroline was referred to us and that was the best referral we ever had. She was so helpful to us, driving all over looking at different homes. We decided on a fairly new development in Hemet, brand new homes that we could afford. She seemed as though she had ESP, she knew exactly what we wanted and she delivered. Caroline saved us a lot of time and didn't waste time getting what we wanted. Caroline is the best, when the houses were built she came with us for the final walk-though, my family considers her and her husband Marty friends for life. If you are thinking of a realtor, don't hesitate to call Caroline if you are looking for a true professional realtor, outstanding job !

John & Barbara Covington and Patsy Raymond, Hemet,  September 2014


Dealing with realtors for over 10 years on previous properties, Caroline was by far the most proactive in dealing with our listing. Within 6 hours of property hitting the market, we had over 60 online views and 10 appointments to view our property. Within 5 days, we had a great offer!! Unfortunately we decided not to sell the property at this time.   I would not hesitate to refer her to friends and family as I will hopefully work with her in the future.

A true Professional and pleasure to work with.

Ulises Fernandez, Hemet, August 2014


Caroline was very personable and very knowledgeable, very easy to work with. She knew what to look for and ask for on our recent purchase. She was always quick to respond to us and on our behalf with the listing agent. She got us much more than we would of asked for in making repairs and items included in the purchase of the home. We highly recommend her and would use her again.

Steve and Lorraine Klein, Hemet,   August 2014



We would like to thank you for helping us locate and purchase our new home. Not only were you available at any time for questions and concerns, but you were friendly, personable, honest, and went the proverbial "extra mile" to ensure we were happy in our selection. If we had questions, you had answers; if we needed to take another look, you had the key and the time; if we just needed to talk, you were there to listen. We would, and have, highly recommend your services to other homebuyers. We can't think of a single aspect that did not exceed our expectations.


Saib and Patti Arriaga Salazar, Hemet, April 2014

Profile picture for Caroline CollinsResponse from Caroline on 08/01/2014

Saib and Patti have become like family to us! They closed on their resale house and when we saw it just three weeks later it was so upgraded, stylish and lovely we didn't recognize it! They made it into a spectacular home so fast, and then they moved in. We wish them nothing but the absolute best in their new life together as a family.




Great working with you Caroline,

I went to Caroline for a land purchase and she was able to negotiate our deal fast. Communication was great, she was quick replying to our questions and emails. We closed on time and it was easy. Thank you.

Eric and Charis Tallaksen, Temecula,  June 2014


 Caroline was a huge help to us and I highly recommend her. She was able to help us complete a short sale on our property, which was anything but a simple transaction. She was very responsive and knowledgeable of the process.

Michael & Megan Fortin,  Escondido, April 2014 


 We chose Caroline after using Zillow to find a home that would be a downsizing from 4 bedrooms to a 2 bedroom. We wanted a manufactured home as it would be less expensive, but also wanted the land as part of the purchase. We had a general idea of where we wanted to move to, and there were a number of properties that fit the bill, but we had no idea of where to begin. We were very interested in one property, but she discovered that we wouldn't be eligible for a loan because it had been moved more than once. After seeing a few other properties, we decided on the one that we eventually purchased. She was 100 percent on our side, in constant communication with us throughout the process, and we think she did an outstanding job. We would recommend her to anyone looking for real estate.

Alan & Diane Burch, February, 2014


Caroline is very knowledgeable in the real estate process as well as in the area. She works hard to find what you want and I liked her go getting personality. She was fair and honest as well as reliable. I would recommend Caroline to all of my friends and associates.

Joshua & Carissa Jones, Temecula  Nov. 2013


If you need a savvy Realtor who will jump through hoops to get the job done, Caroline is your lady. She found the right mortgage company for our buyers, whose agent couldn't find one to do a complicated manufactured home loan for buyers with several lending issues. Caroline listed our CA home while we resided in NY. She used electronic technology to start the process and used e-signing throughout the process, which saved us a lot of work, time and hassle. Don't hesitate to ask Caroline for help.

Jim and Sue Melton. Rochester, N.Y. Wed, Nov 27, 2013


Caroline was great to work with. I am a first time home buyer and she walked me through the whole process. She picked up the phone or called me back within 20 minutes anytime I called her. She has a whole lot of contacts for getting the best deals on inspections, repairs, etc. I did lots of research and talked with several real estate agents prior to choosing Caroline. She didn't waste my time taking me to a bunch of properties that I wasn't interested in. She listened to me carefully and found the perfect place! If you are in need a a Realtor, contact Caroline. She'll get you the house you want for the right price.

Daniel Osborne, Menifee Lakes

Response from Caroline on 10/23/2013
Daniel brought out the best in everyone involved with the team of professionals it took to close this transaction. Daniel's lender was The Christian Community Credit Union. The listing agent was Ray Berry who specializes in Menifee Lakes, lives there and works with me at Temecula Homes and Land. Ray and Jeann are very special people. Menifee Valley Escrow was very pleasant to work with also. I think we all feel very Blessed to have worked for Daniel and been a small part in his first home purchase. The smile on his face is our reward! I know he will take this "diamond in the rough" and with lots of hard work he'll turn it into a shining star of a home. My thanks to Daniel, and all the good people who helped make this happen for him.


Caroline is as good as they come. She is friendly, professional and helpful. Caroline has extensive credentials and vast knowledge of the Real-estate business. Caroline helped us sell our house in a timely manner. We were so impressed with Caroline, we asked her to help us find our new house. She was very patient with us, did not pressure us to make a decision. She made herself available all hours of the day and night, even on weekends. Caroline answered all of our questions and responded to all communications immediately. We love our new house. I would highly recommend Caroline!

Kevin & Vanessa, Temecula

Profile picture for Caroline Collins
Response from Caroline on 03/07/2013
Kevin and Vanessa are a broker's dream clients! They are quick to respond when asked for anything, they know what they want, and Kevin in particular knows what he doesn't want! They show understanding, respect and appreciation for all that's been done and they follow through on everything the moment they're asked. They are a rare find and I think the world of both of them. We listed and sold their home in Temecula and inspite of the "Oh so slow" loan officer at Bank of America it eventually closed escrow four weeks behind schedule! We made a bid on a lovely stylish, large HUD home and the bid was successful. They will make it into a beautiful family home for them and Franceeska, who's just turned two. It was my pleasure to work for them and take care of their best interests. I give them 5 stars just for being who they are!


First off, I generally don't write up reviews or complete surveys online from experiences... So this is an exception to the rule and should speak volumes to how appreciative I am for Caroline! My mom and I were searching for my perfect home in the Hemet/San Jacinto area. The market was, and still is, a challenge, yet Caroline took me under her wing... Eager and positive that she could, and would, find the home I've been searching for. She is beyond exceptional!! Her knowledgable background is vast and her perseverance is remarkable! I had spoken to several other agents prior to coming across Caroline. They were the standard, friendly, typical agents we all come across. They all kind of blended in, but Caroline stood out. She was eager, upfront, extremely knowledgeable, and passionate. I immediately knew she would be the one I would select to take this journey with. I knew I could trust her!! And never once, did she disappoint. Her objective was to find the home I described and wanted; not how much money she could make. Her heart is pure, and in times like today, that is a true blessing to find! Caroline is strong and firm, yet warm and genuine. Someone you would want to be in your corner during a market like today's. After many, many home tours and real estate obstacles, Caroline has found the perfect home for my family and I! I sit here, looking out the window from my perfect new home.... Immense feelings of gratitude and appreciation flow out. I can promise you this... Caroline is the BEST of the BEST! You will not be disappointed. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have met and worked with her! She will be my forever Real Estate agent! Thank you Caroline for all of your hard work, consistent communication, personal sacrifice, and for making my family's dream a reality!!
Krystal Ferguson Quaal, Hemet
Profile picture for Caroline Collins
Response from Caroline on 03/12/2013
Meet Krystal, the daughter in the review below, with the granddaughter and the grand dog. How wonderful to be appreciated for your efforts with words like these, from people like these! I can see Krystal with her Mum Kadene and Dad, daughter, and brothers, and of course the dog, in her new home and really nice backyard - enjoying being together as a family. The real estate business is really all about taking care of the best interests of clients, listening to them, and trying to fulfill their needs. The rewards can be amazing! Stories such as this one make everything I do make beautiful sense.


Some months ago I began a quest to secure a home for my Granddaughter, Grand-dog and daughter. I was at a loss as to where to start, how to start and just about everything involved in purchasing a home. My daughter had spoken with Caroline almost a year earlier and recommended her. So our journey began…. We are so blessed that God brought Caroline to help us. Caroline is so knowledgeable, patient, persistent and confident that I was able to rest assured all was well. Without Caroline’s guidance I believe I would have had some sleepless nights and many frustrating days. There comes a time in this process that you are forced to trust. Caroline is worthy of that trust. Through prayer, patience and Caroline’s ever present readiness to answer questions, and explain what’s going on she found the perfect home. It has the yard I wanted for my granddaughter and grand dog, and it is on a quiet, safe street. The floor plan is absolutely perfect! Caroline worked diligently to find this home. She gave completely of herself and the monetary benefit to her was very minimal. My price range was at the very low end but it made no difference to her. I so highly recommend Caroline no matter what kind of property you wish to acquire. I know she will do everything in her power to find and help you obtain just what you want. I will be forever thankful for Caroline
Kadene Ferguson, Walnut
Profile picture for Caroline Collins
Response from Caroline on 03/05/2013
This transaction is the story of a mother's love for her daughter, grand daughter and grand -dog! What a privilidge for me to meet such special people with all the right family values. It took a lot of looking at dirty, cheap homes in bad areas or on busy streets and I just kept telling them "don't settle. We'll find the right one". With the help of a cooperative Realtor I found this home before it was listed. Lots of repairs were needed to make it right for the daughter, grand daughter, and yes... the grand -dog- it has a lovely fenced back yard with lots of trees! A new roof, all new paint and carpet and a massive clean up by the sellers, and then Krystal got the keys to a really perfect little home for her small family. This is how it should be, but in 26 years as a real estate broker - it was pure fun finding this home for them - and it is the right one! It's perfect for them, and it was so refreshing for me to know them and help them in their quest!


Caroline went well above and beyond what the normal agent would have done in my case.
Quick scenario...I moved from So Cal to No Cal in 2008 believing my house was foreclosed. When I found out it wasn't and a squatter lived there paying the house taxes, I contacted Caroline to short sell my property. This process, due to lawyers mistakes, went on for about a year, but she did not waiver. She stuck with me, with constant contact, updating me at each turn. Once the squatters were removed, she personally contacted various local businesses to have items in the house fixed or replaced. This included finding someone to come remove a hot tub from the back of the property and haul it to the County dump. She coordinated all fees which were very reasonable.
Caroline Collins was my savior with this property getting everything done before the end of the year which financially was a must for me.
In my opinion, she is not like other agents. She truly has her client's best interests in mind. She is by far the best agent I have had the opportunity to work with.…
Richard Burgess, San Leandro
Response from Caroline on 01/08/2013
We had to deal with squatters, an unlawful detainer done wrong because the the wrong person was served, and more. We cleaned up, repaired anything not working right, installed a dishwasher,  stove,  new bedroom carpet, tore off a wrecked patio roof, removed a non working Jacuzzi, repaired a broken glass window, scraped off all exterior peeling paint and re-painted wood trim - all just to make the house FHA appraisal ready.
 Suddenly, after we had done all that work,  we were faced with the lienholder's news that they were going to Trustee's Sale on this property Jan. 3rd. 2013. The Mortgage Debt Foregiveness Act was expiring Dec. 31st. 2012. We had to fund and close this sale before Dec 31st, 2012 or the seller could be liable for a large amount of taxes to the IRS and potential repayment of debt to the lienholder.
With a lot of stress and pressure and working as a team of professionals going above and beyond - it happened! We closed escrow on Dec. 27th. 2012. The seller was saved a huge potential financial loss, and the buyer got her new home!
In January 2013 the Mortgage Debt Foregiveness Act was re-instated and made retro active to January 1st.


Caroline has been a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of the market is extensive and with her years of experience she was able to find us the perfect home. We truly thank you Caroline for all of your patience.

Thank you again Ted & Lorie, Hemet  2012



This review is describing Caroline from our heart of hearts. My daughter found this marvelous Broker/Agent. On an internet search for a Christian agent in our area. God obviously directed her straight to Caroline Collins. Being a person of discernment of course I had to check this person out . . as throughly . . as possible. Well, let me start with this (now long gone) advertisement: HONEY, STOP THE CAR. After checking all the credentials online, we felt comfortable. We interviewed Caroline n her husband Marty, n were well pleased with the interview. Having gathered more info from our interview, once again, I took this info back to the internet, sent emails n prayed. Prayer, of course, could have saved me from all this searching - but I am human. Anyway, VOILA! Everything I read n they said - checked out perfectly. The following day made the appointment to sign the contract. Although there has been some difficultly - Caroline has jumped over those hoops (while keeping me grounded) with courteous professionalism. She stands bold n sure dealing with the obstacles, while at the same time has the kindest, loving, caring, heart one could imagine.

Writing reviews is not really my cup of tea, but in this case, it was a pure pleasure to share this info with you. If you have real estate to buy or sell, do yourself a favor, make Caroline Collins your first call, from our experience - you will be happy you did.

Ray n JoAnne, was Hemet - now Lubbock, Texas

Response from Caroline on 10/22/2012
What a privilege to represent such a special couple in the sale of their home! In their 42+ years of marriage, Ray and JoAnne have fostered over 380 children and given their home, lives, time, money and love to help raise children who were desperately in need! I'm sad to see them move to Lubbock, Texas - but so glad to have known them!




 Raw land purchase to develop a horse ranch from scratch, including grading the dirt & dropping a well right, with people who know their business and care about what they do.

"Caroline gave us the practical, level headed guidance that can only come from many years of representing clients in one of the biggest  transactions of their lives.

She understood with clarity what we wanted and also our concerns and counseled us on each property's benefits and potential drawbacks.

Even after we found the right property Caroline drew upon her resource network and referred us to the right contacts.

I can't say enough about her going above and beyond; thanks for everything Caroline." - Mike DeGrasse, 2012



You Don’t Know Jack? You Should!     Jack Robert Anderson

 First off, if you are reading this, Jack's Family would like to thank

Jack Robert Anderson was born Feb 5th, 2006, Super Bowl Weekend—Seattle Seahawks v. Pittsburgh Steelers. Who knew he would be a blue-eyed Angel with dimples that invite you to take a second look? And when you do take that second look, your heart is all his forever. You, like Jack, will start referring to him as Jack Jack.

Jack Jack is named after three great men. His first name is in honor of his paternal great grandfather, John (who went by Jack), a man who stepped up in life and helped a lot of people. He had a powerful impact on Jeremiah, Jack Jack’s dad. His middle name, Robert, is after his maternal grandfather, Floyd Robert—a loving man who will do what it takes to get things done properly. His last name, Anderson, or, as it should read, “It’s-All-Good Anderson,” is a tribute to Jeremiah, a man who has the gift to see the good in all situations.

Not only did Jack Jack come from great men, but also he is turning into one himself. He recently turned five years-of-age and aspires to be the first Fire-Fighter-Dolphin-Trainer who trains Shamu after a short stint in the United States Army. Jack Jack does not care much for TV or video games, but would rather play with his “guys.” He loves to share his guys with anyone willing to participate, as long as he gets to choose which person plays with which guy. One of Jack Jack’s favorite things to do is to take a dip in Great Grandpa Red’s Jacuzzi wearing only his boxers… oh, yeah, I said boxers! If around Jack for long enough, here are some common phrases that are often heard: “Jack, you’re so loud”; “Jack, wait up”; “Where’s Jack”; and “Jack, how did you get up there?” 

   This little boy’s life is being threatened by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, (DMD), which is a fatal inherited genetic disorder that only affects boys. DMD is a progressive disease that weakens the muscles in a boy’s body and allows for them to waste away. In addition; the disease also causes respiratory and cardiac complications.       

The last two years have been hard on everyone. That all changed when we meet Realtor Morgan Mennell. Morgan told us of a property that Jack could enjoy. Jack calls it “the middle of nowhere”. Jack loves this place, and because of a telephone miss dial I got the chance to meet and thank the property listing Broker,  Caroline Collins. I do want to take this opportunity to tell Morgan and Caroline "thank you for giving my family back laughter and joy. But most of all thank you for helping us make every step count for Jack Jack." 

          Lindy & Floyd Wilhelm (Jacks Nana & Papa) 


                           Photo - Jack at the MDA walk 2011



February 22, 2011


Dear Caroline & Marty,

I am writing this letter today on behalf of my husband and myself to express an extreme amount of gratitude to the both of you for helping us out of our real estate downfall.  We like thousands of other homeowners bought into the real estate market at the peak of sales and within two years of our purchase we were struggling to make ends meet and were so upside down on our home that we felt no other choice but to "short sell" our house. 

I met Caroline, thru a situation that occurred next door to us, and she was the chosen one to represent that bank owned home.  We immediately became email acquaintances and soon she had convinced me the only way my husband and I would ever retire is to "short sell" and start over.  She stated that she would be our fighting power with our bank and that she would do everything in her power to make it work.   We realized quickly that Caroline & Marty were the correct people to represent us.  They fought hard for us and on January 31, 2011, escrow closed on our home.  I feel certain without Caroline´s knowledge and persistence with our bank, we would not have been able to accomplish the short sale. That is the reason we were able to sell and not be foreclosed.

Today, the feeling of guilt and failure on our part is fading away and we are now continuing our new journey of our marriage & life together.  We still have some long roads ahead of us but will forever be grateful for that hot summer day in August of 2009 when we met "CAROLINE COLLINS".

Recommendation to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable realtor would be Caroline.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!

Pat & Ed Dagan,
Alberhill Ranch, Lake Elsinore


Please read this true story to the end.

August 2010.
The story of Ryan Price, who lost both his legs at the age of 22 years, in the war in Afghanistan.

This is a letter sent to Congresswoman  Mary Bono Mack's office in August 2010. It was ignored.

Dear Ms. Bono Mack,
I'm appealing to you for assistance for Ryan and Leslie Price.

I have enclosed a letter I wrote to USAA Federal Savings Bank which outlines briefly the issues facing Ryan Price, who is a Purple Heart medal recipient from horrible injuries he suffered in the war in Afghanistan. Ryan is a local hero in Hemet. He lost both legs to a roadside bomb in 2008.

Due to his various hospitals stays in two different countries he simply didn't receive his mail. He had 2 lates on a VISA credit card with USAA Federal Savings Bank during this time, while having surgery and prosthetic legs fitted. The credit card has long since been paid in full and is now cancelled.

The credit card issuing bank, USAA Federal Savings Bank, is refusing to write him a letter explaining the lates, which would greatly help Ryan because he could send a letter from USAA to the credit reporting agencies, and a new mortgage loan company,  and very possibly get the lates removed right away, or at least explained. The bank says "rules are rules, and the lates will continue to show on his credit report for seven years!" What this means is that Ryan and Leslie are just too low on his FICO score to be able to qualify for a VA government loan to buy their first home.

This young man has lost both legs in service to his country and never complains about anything. I think we owe all wounded servicemen and women a much better display of caring and respect and I'm asking you to intervene on Ryan's behalf to get USAA to write a simple letter of explanation to help him move on with his life and buy his "American dream".

Please contact me for any further information. I would greatly appreciate your help for Ryan and Leslie. I personally find the bank's reaction to be disgusting on many levels.

I represent Ryan and Leslie as their real estate broker.
Yours truly,
Caroline Collins

The response - Nothing. No reply. No help for Ryan and Leslie.
There was no help from anyone for Ryan. Everyone said the same thing "That's awful!" and moved on with their own lives!

 February 2011 Ryan and Leslie close escrow on their first home
In spite of being treated as though they were of no importance and receiving no help whatsoever from USAA Federal Savings Bank or any other high office official who might have helped him - but didn't, Ryan and Leslie are now homeowners - in spite of everything!
Thanks to a seller with a vacant home on an acre in Hemet, who agreed to rent to them until they could qualify for a new loan, and thanks to an outstanding loan officer, Ryan got a new VA loan and now escrow is closed.

It took a team of people who came alongside Ryan and Leslie. We all got excited about  helping them and instead of just saying "NO, you don't fit the guidelines" we said "How can we help to get this done for them".    Attitude is everything!
I want to thank Ron Perrot, Manager of Envoy Mortgage in Temecula, Amy his processor, and the underwriting team at Envoy Mortgage in Houston, Texas.
Leslie now has her dream and it keeps her very busy- a small ranch with a very nice 32 year old horse we rescued-who needed a new home, a heifer, sheep, 5 chickens, 3 dogs and 3 rescued kitties!
Ryan has his "dream dog", a loving family and  his own home- finally!
It's the least he should have!
There must be thousands of other wounded service men and women who need the same respect, love, care and help!
Shame on USAA Federal Credit Union, but with help from people who cared and wanted to make a difference, he got there anyway. In spite of this finance company who maintains they really take good care of servicemen! Oh yeah!

Photo of Ryan with his new baby son Elam in February 2012



To: Caroline Collins

Since you were the listing broker on my recent transaction, your name came up several times throughout the course of my escrow.

I have never purchased an REO before and I found out that you never really know where you are in the process. Thanks for your part in getting this escrow to finally close.

I appreciate having such a nice house to fix up and make whole again, and at a price that takes into consideration the cost of the work needed to be done.

I also appreciate having such an honest and helpful salesman as Ray Berry, who doesn't give up - when I have rejected many houses to purchase. Ray is always available to help you out.

Joseph Manfredi, La Jolla

Caroline & Marty Collins
   I don't know where to begin, My husband and I have tried 2 other times to purchase a home without any success...We got our credit improved to where it needed to be, then started all over again...We were bound and determined to do it ourselves...So we scoured through the free listings and started to call Realtors to see if the homes they had listed were available...To our wonderful luck a lovely lady called me back and said yes shte would show us one of her homes...We went, we saw, and we met Caroline!. We told her we didn't have a Realtor and she said she would be glad to be ours!!!! Unknowingly to our wonderful surprise it was the best decision we made...She and Marty are the nicest people I have met in a long time. We started our journey together 8 mos ago and believe me it wasn't easy, but today we are closing escrow!!!! Without the help of Caroline and Marty we would not be home owners today.
We ended up purchasing a short sale, and Wow!!! for a while there I didn't know if we were coming or going, but thanks to Caroline we made it through....I always tell her God chose her for us....Praise God!!!  It was a rough road, but now we are done. We have made 2 new friends and now have a life long Realtor and friend....I will recommend Caroline and Marty to anyone I know purchasing a home.....
Dallas & Dawn Elek
Temecula home owners!

Hello Caroline & Marty Collins

I want to tell everyone how much your help and friendship has meant to Kirk and I during our recent journey. It was a very crazy ride, beginning with listing our home and ending with an approved loan modification!

We listed our home with Caroline and shortly thereafter my husband was forced to move to Wyoming to find work, due to the poor economy. I stayed in our home at our horse ranch in the Sage area of S. Hemet.

It was a  lonely time that lasted over 18 months. Caroline and Marty invited me to dinner many times and many times I just needed someone to talk to - and they were always there to listen. We applied for a loan modification and even though Caroline and Marty would not make a cent if the modification was approved, they freely gave advice,  encouragement and help with the endless modification process.

 In the end that was successful and we can stay in our home after all - which is really what we wanted. Now Kirk has a new job in Hemet. The very, very best part of this whole journey is.....  we found God!

I regard Caroline and Marty as family.

I can say without reservation that you just won't find a better Realtor.

Sincerely, Joanie and Kirk Longnecker.

Marty and Caroline

Thank you so much for your hard work on our  FHA/HUD  short sale with Bank of America. We  believe that we would still be trying to sell our home if not for you both. You went out of your way to make things easier for us and we will forever appreciate you and all you did for us.

Thank you so much,

Vincent & Sandy Martinez Sellers
See message from Vincent & Sandy's buyer Terri Tomlinson below

Caroline Collins 

Just a short eight weeks ago, I met the whirlwind known as Caroline Collins, and today I get the keys to my first house. My experience with Caroline has been nothing short of amazing. I had put my dream of being a homeowner "on the shelf"- I thought I had years of work ahead of me before I would be able to accomplish it.  Caroline told me she could make it happen, and here I am, ready to move next week.
 Both Caroline and the lender she recommended for me, Ron Perrot of Envoy Mortgage in Temecula, have helped me along, guided me every step of the way, and made this process unbelievably easy! Caroline goes the extra mile as a matter of course, the moment you meet her you know this is a woman who gets things done. Caroline's tenacity and savvy resulted in bank approval in an astonishingly short time for a short sale property. Ron Perrot, of Envoy Mortgage has been amazing, finding every option and benefit available to me to help make this work.
Words cannot express how grateful I am to have met Caroline and Ron. Their combined knowledge of the ins and outs of the procedures involved, looking out for the best interests of all concerned, and fantastic "can do" attitudes, not to mention their tremendous professionalism,  have made my dreams come true. I recommend them both unreservedly.
Sincerely and with deepest gratitude,
Terri Tomlinson, Buyer

I want to thank you and let you know that all your hard work for me is much appreciated! It's been an honor to get to know you and your hubby, Marty, and this process of looking for a house has helped me get my finances in order - so Thank You!
God Bless
Johanna Burnham

Caroline Collins                                            

                                              "Our Realtor for life"
We have known Caroline for over four years.  During this time we have purchased two houses and sold one with her as our broker - we have three houses at this time.

We have not only found a really good real estate broker, but we have also found a really good friend.  You couldn't ask for a more dedicated Realtor
than Caroline Collins. 
Many of our friends have used Caroline as their agent and have told me they couldn't be happier with her work.

It is a pleasure to know her and Marty. 

Curt and Bobbi McKiney
Hemet Christian Assembly

Caroline Collins

This is the account of our winning lottery ticket!  The expression of good things happening to good people. 
 No longer able to afford our Hemet property we had faced the undesirable reality, as many Americans face today, and needed to put our property up for short sale.  Completely clueless of how this process works and having had a difficult and frustrating experience with Wells Fargo Bank, my wife searched the internet and sent an email to four Realtors asking for assistance.  Two replied within 24 hours.  One with less information regarding assistance - "Hi my name is blank and I would love to help, call me."  The other with a history of their experience and suggestions.  My wife and I simply said "Wow" there's a contrast, and decided to contact the latter.  The latter was Caroline Collins at Temecula Homes and Land.  From this point on good things did start happening to good people.  Caroline is everything you want in a Realtor - the Real thing.  Her care, communication and diligence as our agent was phenomenal.  I want to say her "love".  Because she truly loves helping people, loves what she does and shares that love and wisdom with you.  With my wife and I both working 8 - 5 jobs it was hard to get away and meet during the day.  Caroline was always available after 5:00 (by phone, email or in person) and had met with us after 6:00pm on multiple occasions.  Every step of the way in dealing with the bank and our short sale, she has delivered 200% of her time, knowledge and energy.  Were we her only clients?  Probably not, but she made us feel that way.  Always willing to go above and beyond.  If any of you have had the unfortunate "pleasure" of working with banks on a short sale you can attest to the misery and distress this brings.  Caroline has no control over the bank's procedures, decisions and communication - or stupidity.  But what she does do is take the sting out of it.  The unknowing and headache.  She's the heavyweight in the ring fighting for YOU.  Relentless.  She puts the work in.  If you are visiting her website, you can stop searching.  You've found the best.  And by all means when you do meet Caroline, meet her husband Marty as well - also a Realtor.  Marty is awesome!!  He just makes things happen.  We live over 50 miles away from our Hemet property.  Marty oversaw everything in preparing and maintaining the property for sale.  Thank you Marty.  Caroline and Marty are like the left and right sides of your brain - it's sense without thought.  These are two genuine, honest and exceptional people.  By the time this comment posts our short sale will be closed.  "Caroline and Marty thank you again for all your steadfastness, support and attention in guiding us through this process.  It has been an extreme pleasure working with both of you.  With our misfortune we have found gold".

With sincere gratitude,
Marc Harris

PS - Ask her about her "girls".
Hi Caroline,
  I just wanted to thank you and Marty for helping us through our recent ordeal.  We met by accident- both at the right place at the right time- luckily for me and my family.  In this day and age, its hard to find people who are as genuine and just  plain nice as you and Marty.   Our purchase can only be called an adventure, thanks to the regulations strictly enforced by the "CITY", but through it all, you both were like family- to me especially.  You stood up for us above and beyond the expected, and made a true friend in me.  Professionalism is a big word, but not big enough or good enough to describe how you handled our adventure.  If you are looking for a recommendation from me, I don't know what more I can say.  Dealing with you is what made everything happen for us.  Without Marty's expertise in construction, and in life for that matter, I would have not been able to persevere to the end.  Right now, I am happy in my house, and moving in the right direction.  I can't tell you enough, how much I thank you and Marty for making this all come true for us.  Thank you again.........
Tim Elton
p.s.  Don't forget to tell Marty to call me when he needs help on the ranch!
Caroline Collins listed my property as an unfinished house on an avocado grove in De Luz. The construction of the house had been delayed due to numerous, various problems and there was considerable hardship involved. Caroline made it possible to get the property sold for cash, unfinished, and for me to remain as the contractor / builder after closing the escrow, and complete the work that I had started a long time prior. She was very accommodating and objective and assisted in a very difficult situation to get it all done. I appreciated her attention to detail and working with the bank that had the construction loan, which allowed the sale to go through and result in a closed escrow.
I greatly appreciated her knowledge, efforts, patience and understanding. She really helped me through a difficult time in my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone for any type of real estate transaction.

Richard deWitte

Caroline Collins

  We all know the words.  "Honest, caring, transparent, real."  To us these words describe our realtor - and now our dear personal friend - Caroline Collins.  Years of experience make her an expert in real estate - but it's Caroline's character and care that put her a cut above the rest.  We wholeheartedly recommend Caroline and Marty Collins for all your real estate needs.

"My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue,

but in deed and in truth." 1 John 3:18

Frank & Norma Eiklor,
Shalom International Outreach
Wildomar, CA