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Our motto:   "Always strive to do the right thing and always take care of the best interests of clients at all times"

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Caroline Collins Broker Owner

California Association of Realtors Award in December 2017 in Recognition of Years of Distinguished Service Caroline Collins is awarded Honorary Member for Life. Experienced California licensed real estate broker and owner of Temecula Homes and Land. "I return calls ASAP" - that's a promise! Local resident since 1976. Full time real estate professional. California licensed Realtor since 1986 and licensed broker since 1989.

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Your latest review 5 STARS Unbelievable Moral Integrity & Friendship My wife & I are in our late 80's. Caroline and Marty the Temecula Homes and Land Realtors literally have kept us from becoming homeless in 2018, with their knowledge and skills of how to help the needs of others. "The Blessed Twosome" not only took care of all paperwork needs, they jumped in and did physical labor to make sure we had a habitable safe place to live. In 2021 our needs have become beyond our capability. They are guiding and sharing their life with us again, solving our needs. Property in Seven Hills Senior Community SOLD Richard & Fusa Blanchard
"Our Broker was on top of everything from the start and worked hard to make everything run smoothly and looked out for our interests. Caroline went over and above in every way possible. Wouldn't use anyone else for all our real estate needs. Top of her class." Steve & Lorraine Klein
Review Overall Satisfaction 5 STARS! Seller Review at "Rate my agent" Caroline is extremely knowledgeable in the real estate field. She is very willing to help you in any way you need. Any concerns you might have need only to be brought to her attention and she will explain and/or offer suggestions to put you at ease. She brought this home to me six years ago and it left a positive memory so when it was time to sell I contacted her. My situation was unique because my husband was unable to sign the paperwork. She investigated the proper way to handle this, and walked me through every step of the way. Everything will be done correctly when you listen to her. She knows good people who provide services like landscaping, cleaning and handyman. She was always there for me, always kind, always patient and trustworthy. She has very high integrity and a really caring spirit. She knows what sells a house and knows how to find the house exactly right for YOU to call home. Kadene Ferguson
I would highly recommend Caroline Collins and her husband, Marty who went above and beyond to help me as a resident of Colorado, sell my mothers home in California. As my mothers Trustee after her death, I was not familiar with California Real Estate Law and California closings, complicated by the property I was trying to sell was involved in a trust. I had many improvements I had to make to the property and with Caroline's knowledge of local contractors I was able to make all repairs from afar before listing the property. Amid the Covid-19 restrictions it was a miracle I was able to complete the property sale from another state because travel was not an option during the epidemic. Caroline's years of experience helped me sell the property and she always kept me informed. At closing the buyer's agent was not professional and Caroline was able to correct the buyers agent's actions quickly because of her experience and knowledge. Caroline always looked out for my best interest with integ oscarscafe155 Animosa Dr, Durango, CO 8130
I would like to say thank you for being the most incredible, outrageously knowledgeable, super business person who had the answers to my questions and even gave extra info. than most Realtors I have ever dealt with. There should be an award such as the Oscar for people like yourself! You go above and beyond and know how to make your client comfortable with the entire real estate process from beginning to end. I will miss you and Marty. Thanks is not enough. I wish I could let all those who wish to sell their homes know how fabulous a time and stress free your services are. My most sincere thanks. I wish I could be more elaborate in letting everyone know the experience they are missing by not listing their property with you. Margarita and Dave Hedenz
Most people don’t generally know their Realtor well, or on a personal basis…but my case was a little different. 27 Years ago, I had worked with Caroline Collins as her loan officer doing mortgages for her clients. That was ended by a nasty car accident, in which I, not seeing the side of a narrow roadway due to 6 foot high grass in a high rain year had neither shoulder nor guard rail, so that when I lost control of my car, I ended up in a deep drainage ditch at 45 mph…and completely out of sight. That was 1995, my cell phone was gigantic, and luckily within my grasp, as I had violently hit the steering wheel with my face, and also acquired a crack-the-whip hangman’s fracture of the neck. The nice firemen cut me out of my car several hours later. Fast forward to January 2019. I survived, and recovered, and when I wanted to sell, I knew who to trust to move me out of my house in Anza, a very country kind of place. Selling the house was easy…it was the fixing of everything that was hard. Suzanne Forrest Anderson Anza
From my experience of being in business and receiving service from vendors and personal professional service, in my 60+ years, I have never met a professional with more moral integrity than Caroline Collins. In buying or selling, when you have a devoted agent to their profession and is morally correct, such as Temecula Homes and Land, i.e. Caroline, you have been BLESSED. Thank You Caroline & Marty, (We will always hold you in great respect.) Richard & Fusa Hemet
Caroline did a great job for us. We had a 1974 manufactured home on it's own lot that had been on the market for 5 months without an offer. Switching to Caroline we received an offer and were able to sell the home. Caroline has many connections and was able to move us through the selling and escrow process trouble free. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering selling their home. She is honest, friendly and very competent. Daniel Burgum Seven Hills Senior Community, Hemet
Caroline Collins is by far the most professional agent who wants only the best for her clients. She tactfully reigns one in when client tries to go overboard. Her knowledge and use of any leverage for the benefit of her client is masterful. She gives 110% to any deal she is working and does not rattle easily. Caroline is the kind of professional you want working for your interests. She gets the very best deal for her clients and keeps the client informed constantly thru' the whole process. You cannot choose a better Realtor to handle your sale or purchase. On a scale of 1 to 10, she gets an 11. It has been my pleasure to meet and work with an honest and extremely patient and knowledgeable professional. I am the lucky one for choosing you. YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank You! Daniel Klepach Ensueno Court, Hemet
I contacted Caroline without knowing anything about her or her company and WOW am I glad I did! I am a 28 year old and I have never bought a house or knew anything about the process, but her expertise and experience was a recipe for the best buying experience I could have ever asked for. She displays the utmost in professionalism and has so much knowledge in real estate that it is impressive. She helped my fiance and I find the perfect house we have been looking for and wanting! We are so blessed to have come in contact with her and to have her services as a Realtor. I highly recommend her and her services for any real estate transaction and plan on having her or her company help us with anything in the future. We are so happy to be first time home owners and felt no stress because of Caroline! Thank you Caroline for everything you did for us! chrisandsadehomes33858 Plowshare Rd, Wildomar, CA 92595
Caroline Collins was an awesome agent to work with. She is very knowledgable and worked constantly to get my house sold. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone I met. She knows her stuff and you won't be disappointed. Keith Jackson San Marcos, California
Caroline is the best of the best! We have worked with Caroline on two home sales and one home purchase. She works quickly, and is very knowledgable and always takes the time to answer any and all questions we have. Caroline has decades of experience, and many credentials. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone buying or selling a house! Kevin & Vanessa Jones Hemet
I would happily recommend you to anyone. It was really a pleasure working with you, and I can’t thank you enough for making the whole process so smooth and pleasant. What a 180 degree shift from that other Realtor we reached out to first! I hope we have a chance to work together again. January 2015
My wife and I were looking to buy a new home. We wound up using Caroline Collins @ Temecula Homes and Land. Well let me say this for starters, we are so happy we had such a wonderful, knowledgeable, and caring agent. Caroline helped us through the whole process as if we were her family members or someone very close to her, at least that's how she made us feel. Caroline was very patient, and extremely professional. She has a very warm heart and isn't afraid to get involved with her clients to be certain she gives personable service. David and Kelli
"Over and Above" doesn't get close to what Caroline has done for us. We had one of the most challenging properties to sell because of acreage, manufactured home, solar and NO COMPS! She got it sold after sticking with it and showing it at least 40 times until she found the right buyer for us. Caroline is the most detail oriented person I have worked with which gave my wife and myself peace of mind knowing everything was done correctly. THANKS Caroline!!" Andy Ooms Owner of Responsible Solar
We bought the house on 36411 Erica Court as a primary residence at a time when there was a housing boom.We even did not have to pay a down payment - and that turned out to be a financial disaster.The ensuing recession and hard luck put us in financial bind at age 77 years. We had to do a short sale and climb out of this distress. Most of the feed-back and advise on what and how to face this financial dilemma was cleverly and diligently engineered by Mrs.Caroline Collins. We totally put matters into her hands and we were rewarded . The house sold for a good price and we were able to re-coop much of our shame and dignity. I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Collins for any real estate transaction.She is trustworthy and efficient to a detail. William and Marilyn Joseph Winchester, California 2016
We recently purchased a house through Caroline Collins, Broker/Owner, and what a pleasant experience it was. The entire four weeks transaction went very smooth, and she kept us informed all along the way, We have purchased and sold several properties, but this is the first experience with such a highly knowledgeable and professional individual. She goes well beyond the duties of an agent to complete the sale, and her husband, Marty Collins is always there to support her in all endeavors. During these past four weeks, we have become not only her clients but now consider her and Marty our good friends. In any future real estate transactions, we will not hesitate to contract with her, and tell our friends and family to do the same. Dennis and Ruth Jenison
My circumstances were very different and it was going to be somewhat difficult. After explaining the situation to Caroline - she jumped in with both feet. I have absolutely no regrets with selecting Caroline. Susan Marling, North Chesterfield, Virginia.